the parallax effect

This page contains information regarding The Reaper and some general tips on how to survive from him.

The Reaper

The Reaper is a formidable foe who now inhabits the land following The Parallax Effect. It roams the plains feasting on any living thing it can find, including you especially. The Reaper however only surfaces during night hours as sunlight burns him rendering him powerless. If he finds you, there isn't much you can do except run and shoot him with as much fire power you have at your disposal. Ultimately, you can run but you can't hide from him. He will eventually find you and when he does, you had better be ready. Screams and screeches signal he is nearby, if you hear anything out of the ordinary it is most likely him. The Reaper is a tall humanoid figure that wears bulky white/grey armour pieces made from the bones of those he has killed. His eyes glow bright purple and gemstones in his armoured pieces also glow the same colour. He wears a long skull mask over his face to cover up whatever terrors lie beneath it. If you come across The Reaper, don't let him catch you and make sure you have some fire power ready to take him down.

The Reaper up close when it has found the player.


Health: 10000 HP

Top Speed: 30km/h

Height: 2.4 meters

Weight: 400kgs

Primary Weapon: Fists/claws

Fears: Sunlight (bright lights)

Effective Weaponry


Shotguns are particularly useful against The Reaper as they deal the second most potential damage per shot of any ranged weapon currently in the game (provided all projectiles hit the target). A Morbos should be utilised only at close range as it is a shotgun, however range can be significantly extended with the use of slugs. Aim for weak points in The Reaper's armour (head, back, lower chest, etc) for the most effect. However be sure to have spare ammunition as the Morbos can only load 6 shells at a time.


Assault rifles like the Lantana are most useful against The Reaper as the large magazine (40 rounds) and drum (100 rounds) carry plenty of rounds and the gun itself deals a hefty amount of damage per shot. However such weapons are hard to find and ammunition is far scarcer than common civilian grade rounds.


The Bison may not pack the biggest punch per shot however its large magazine size (55 rounds) makes it a formidable foe to just about anyone (if the shooter can hold a steady aim). The gun has a significant amount of kick which may render it undesirable for extended use and its quite a rare find compared to more common counterparts (Beaver, Naga, etc).

Flare Gun

A hugely underestimated weapon which currently deals the most damage per shot of any ranged weapon in the game. A Flare Gun serves not only as a signalling device but also as an extremely lethal weapon if aimed correctly. Take care when aiming however as a Flare Gun only holds a single shot before requiring a reload. The weapon also creates a huge noise and bright glowing light which may attract unwanted attention.

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