the parallax effect

This page contains information regarding current enemies and some general tips on how to survive from them.

The Reaper

The Reaper is a formidable foe who now inhabits the land following The Parallax Effect. It roams the plains feasting on any living thing it can find, including you especially. The Reaper however only surfaces during night hours as sunlight burns him rendering him powerless. If he finds you, there isn't much you can do except run and shoot him with as much fire power you have at your disposal. Ultimately, you can run but you can't hide from him. He will eventually find you and when he does, you had better be ready. Screams and screeches signal he is nearby, if you hear anything out of the ordinary, be prepared. As far as we know, The Reaper resembles a tall humanoid figure that wears bulky white/grey armour pieces we assume is made from the bones of those whom he has killed. His eyes glow bright purple and gemstones in his armoured pieces also glow the same colour making him somewhat easier to spot in the dark. He wears a long skull mask over his face to cover up whatever terrors lie beneath it. If you come across The Reaper, do not engage unless you are certain you have enough weaponry to take him down. Exactly how much is required, we aren't quite sure. The Reaper also drops some highly valuable loot upon death.

The Reaper up close when it has found the player.


Health: 5000 HP

Top Speed: 30km/h

Height: 2.4 meters

Weight: 400kgs

Primary Weapon: Fists/sharp claws

Fears: UV light (sunlight)


Wolves roam the wilderness as a matter of natural course and are relatively harmless unless either approached or provoked in an aggressive manner. Wolves are also extremely fast and can catch a player sprinting at full speed with ease. Wolf attacks don't deal a large amount of damage however when they attack in quick succession it can be dangerous. Wolves are highly vulnerable to melee attacks as they have no armoured clothing of any kind however beware as they can hear distant gunshots and will come looking for you if they hear you shooting. Wolves also provide both meat and leather when killed.

A wild wolf moving through Princeton on the hunt.


Health: 80 HP

Top Speed: 60km/h

Height: 0.5 meters

Weight: 30kgs

Primary Weapon: Jaws/sharp teeth and claws

Fears: High pitched/loud noises

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