the parallax effect

The Story

The year is unknown, the location is unknown, but as far as you're concerned you are the sole survivor of The Parallax Effect. What exactly is The Parallax Effect? You don't know, you have washed up on the shores of what you can only presume is the region of Chimera located close to Russia. Naked, unarmed and completely alone. Or are you...

Project Parallax was a government run undercover project in the early 2000's. It wasn't until 2020 when the public came to hear of it which soon sparked chaos and fear resulting ultimately in World War III and the doom of mankind as we knew it. You were one of the lucky few who survived the catastrophic chemical warfare that ensued above ground for the following 7 years. The air has cleared now and plant life is beginning to regrow as the toxins in the air retreat. It has been alomst 19 years since the war begun and you have washed up on the abandoned shores of Chimera unable to remember much of what really happened. You may be alone, or perhaps there are more survivors just like you! You will have to survive, find a way to, it's your only chance. Unravel the mysteries behind the war and prosper long after the decimation of mankind. The ruins of civilisation await your presence, what are you waiting for? Start your journey now!

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