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This is a guide page to discuss the in-game environment and how you should best go about surviving within it. It is constantly updated and added to so be sure to check back regularly for more interesting tips and tricks.

The Map

It's vast, expansive and roughly 25 x 25km squared. Covering the map on foot with unskilled stamina from corner to corner is no easy task. In your travels you will encounter lush fields of grass and dirt trails leading to abandoned campsites and even some remaining small towns and military outposts if you venture far enough North. When you spawn into the game you are randomly placed at one of 5 positions all residing along the southern most coast of Chimera. Depending on which point you get, you might be lucky and spawn close to a civilian location, if not, you'll get a harder spawn point in a more isolated location meaning survival initially will be significantly harder.

Remember, you can open your map at any time (so long as you have no other windows open) by pressing the 'M' key. This will give you a live GPS style view of the map and your position upon it including the direction you are facing. There is also an option to switch map views to a hard-copy style map which gives an overview of the entire map however does not show your position. This will prove vital in your survival particularly whilst you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Your radar is limited to height and you cannot zoom in or out. When you start the game for the first time you will spawn in at 6:00 AM giving you an entire days worth of sunlight to get started with your survival. It is recommended you find a suitable location to bunker down in for the night as travelling during night hours will be difficult and dangerous due to lack of light and potential threats.

Once you have found a spot to rest at for the night, you should make a mental note of it based on your location on the map so you can return to it and avoid getting lost at sundown trying to find your way back in the dark. However if you do plan on travelling at night you should set out to find yourself a flashlight first preferably with spare batteries for extended night travel along with a weapon to defend yourself with, the more powerful the better.

That pretty much covers the basics of navigating around Chimera and survival at its barest. Be sure to check back here regularly for updates to this guide as the game develops.

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