the parallax effect

The Story

As of v0.3 the first part of the back-story to the game has been added. In future updates the story will be developed much further and currently I am open to community input as to where to take the game and the story within it. What is known currently will be explained in exquisitely spooky detail below.

You awaken in a strange metal chamber with glass doors containing you within it. As you struggle to move around in the tight space you realise what this is. You remember, the day it all began. August 3rd 2020. Doomsday and the decimation of mankind as we knew it. Chemical warfare mutilated the ground and cities infecting and killing billions. A virus so destructive, so unholy it would mutate and torture its victims rather than kill them leaving those who were infected to writhe in agony and pain becoming monstrous bloodthirsty creatures. Survivors soon learned of the virus's origins and were able to identify its characteristics making a cure potentially viable however after several trials the virus would morph to become immune to each vaccine we created. The survivors of this apocalyptic event struggled on for a time until the year 2027 when a global uprising gave way in an attempt to repopulate the Earth and the few world leaders who survived to this time gathered together to discuss the future of the planet so rattled by humanity. This soon became what is now known as The Parallax Organisation. For years following the 2020 bombings this organisation stayed as a well kept government secret, it was only in the year 2029 when they would become known across the globe to the few hundred survivors that remained. As the virus still spread almost 10 years after first exposure on Earth, with no vaccine or cure of any kind, mankind was doomed. Each year the population would decrease and decrease further and further slowly killing off individual survivors. The Parallax Organisation had to act fast if it was going to save anyone. Of the few hundred humans that remained on Earth there were 21 who had developed a resistance to the virus partially however were going to eventually become infected with it. These 21 survivors were immediately brought into the last ditch effort created by The Parallax Organisation codenamed The Parallax Effect. This operation was to be conducted on several habitation modules situated around Chimera (a small province of New Russia). These HAB modules housed dark and twisted experimental trials which would attempt to extract a cure from within the survivors who demonstrated a resistance to the EK292 virus. As several of the original 21 subjects died due to failed experiments only 4 remained. You were one of these 4 survivors. Subject D418, D419, D420 and D421 are all who remained in a small HAB module. This soon became all of humanity that were remaining. These four people had developed by this point an entire immunity to the virus however due to the failed experiments previously, scientists on board the HAB modules had been infected and killed long ago. The HAB modules had a built in regulator for the cryostasis chambers on board which housed the four remaining subjects, the four remaining known humans on the planet. This regulator eventually wore out and ceased activity entirely resulting in the malfunction of all four chambers, and that brings us to the present moment. How you survive next is entirely up to you...

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