the parallax effect

This page contains information regarding current enemies and some general tips on how to survive from them.


Both male stags and female doe roam the wilderness in both northern and southern regions. Deer are easily startled and are extremely sensitive to any nearby movement. Should you frighten or intimidate a doe it will immediately begin to gallop at great speed in an attempt to distance itself from a potential predator. Hunting from a distance must be used to combat the speed of this animal. Male stags should be approached with caution as the antlers can be lethal to a human if the stag feels threatened. Deer provide fresh deer meat, leather and cloth upon death.


Health: 150 HP

Top Speed: 60km/h

Height: 1.2 meters

Weight: 80kgs

Primary Weapon: Antlers

Fears: Wolves and bears


Wolves roam the wilderness as a matter of natural course and are relatively harmless unless either approached or provoked in an aggressive manner. Wolves are also extremely fast and can catch a player sprinting at full speed with ease. Wolf attacks don't deal a large amount of damage and can be completely blocked with appropriate armour, however when they attack in quick succession and in numbers it can be incredibly dangerous. Wolves are highly vulnerable to melee attacks as they have no armour of any kind however beware as wolves can hear distant gunshots and will come looking for the source of the sound. Wolves provide fresh wolf meat and cloth upon death.


Health: 50 HP

Top Speed: 80km/h

Height: 0.7 meters

Weight: 30kgs

Primary Weapon: Jaws/sharp teeth

Fears: Bears


The mighty grizzly bear is truly the king of the forest, for now at least. Bears suffer from their slower speed however can still easily outrun a human at full speed. Bears are the largest animals currently in the game and provide the most meat upon death. Bears roam mainly northern regions of Chimera however rare sightings have also been recorded in southern regions so it is best to watch out at all times wherever you may be. The claws are a bears main weapon and are absolutely deadly capable of killing a deer in a single strike. The same goes for humans, the only way to effectively combat a wild grizzly bear is with a ranged weapon of some kind. Bears provide fresh bear meat and leather upon death however do not drop any cloth making the creation of healing items not possible following a bear attack.


Health: 300 HP

Top Speed: 40km/h

Height: 1.5 meters

Weight: 250kgs

Primary Weapon: Jaws/sharp teeth and claws

Fears: None

The Reaper

Experiment #418 known more commonly as, "The Reaper", is a formidable foe to say the least, who now inhabits Chimera following "The Parallax Effect". It roams the forests feasting on any living thing it can find, including humans especially. The Reaper however only awakens during night hours as sunlight burns it rendering it powerless. Equipped with super-human sensory abilities, The Reaper is capable of tracking the scent of a single human across many hundreds of kilometers. Ultimately, you can run but you cannot hide from him. He will eventually find you. Screams and screeches signal he is nearby along with a low pitched drone and deterioration of sanity. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, be prepared. As far as we know, The Reaper resembles a tall humanoid figure that wears bulky white/grey armour pieces we assume is made from the bones of those whom he has killed. His eyes glow bright purple and gemstones in his armoured pieces also emit the same glow making him somewhat easier to spot in the dark. He wears a long skull mask over his face and has extremely sharp claws on both hands. If you come across The Reaper, do not engage unless you are certain you have enough firepower to take him down. The Reaper provides an assortment of random items upon death ranging from tools and scraps to fully functional guns and ammunition. Regardless though, do fear The Reaper.


Health: 600 HP

Top Speed: 40km/h

Height: 2.4 meters

Weight: 300kgs

Primary Weapon: Sharp claws on both hands

Fears: Sunlight

The Harrow

Experiment #133 otherwise termed as "The Harrow", is a remarkably tall standing creature. Fundamentally human by anatomy however horrifically twisted on the outside. The Harrow has grown several long curved horns protruding from its relatively small head made entirely of an unknown fleshy material, closely related to human tissue, however discolouration has lead to a blue and black texture to form. The Harrow has 54 long, sharp teeth kept well concealed within its mouth. He also has 2 huge clawed fists each the size of a small car tyre. Weighing a whopping 400 kilograms, this beastly creature is truly deadly and a force to be reckoned with. The Harrow also displays remarkable movement speed considering its huge weight, capable of clawing itself rapidly along the ground at upwards of 60km/h. The Harrow resembles what can only be described as a great horned beast conceivable only in ones nightmares. I pray you never have to see this bloodthirsty creature for I fear it may be the last thing you ever see. The Harrow provides an assortment of items upon death ranging mostly from weaponry and ammunition to armour and medicine.


Health: 800 HP

Top Speed: 60km/h

Height: 3.5 meters

Weight: 400kgs

Primary Weapon: Huge fists covered in spikes

Fears: None

The Split

Experiment #254 known by its common name, The Split, is considered the most dangerous of the known experiments. It is an extremely unique creature in the sense that its abilities defy all known laws of existence. Born from the twisted experiments of The Parallax Organisation in HAB module #5, this hellish fiend wants nothing more than the blood of all that lives. Rumours say this creature is the spawn of the estranged Doctor R. Maxwell however no further supporting evidence has surfaced since its discovery. The Split is capable of degenerating the atomic structure of its cells down to the quantum level and is then seemingly able to regenerate a perfect clone of itself. The Split then seems to have complete neural control of these clones and order them to seek out and kill its victim using as violent means as possible. The Split then proceeds to recombine itself into a single being only to then viciously consume its victim and seek out the next. The only known way to harm The Split is to damage the first iteration of itself. The original. This can be extremely difficult to achieve as the clones it creates will protect the original creature at all costs. Should you be unlucky enough to find yourself confronted with this monster, pray that it will have mercy. The Split provides an assortment of extremely valuable gear upon death ranging from heavy assault rifles and metal armour to storage units and highly effective medicine.


Health: 400 HP

Top Speed: 30km/h

Height: 2.0 meters

Weight: 150kgs

Primary Weapon: Sharp bone knives on its body armour

Fears: None


Above all else you must remember you're out there surviving with other humans just like you. Some less armed and some more. There are no rules, the laws and morals of civiliastion are gone, you can beg, steal, betray or totally ignore your fellow human survivors as you please. You may even form cooperative teams and lead expeditions to explore together and protect each other. However what you must keep in mind is that your fellow humans are just as intelligent as you and may be plotting against you unknowingly. Tread carefully and forge friendships with great caution. Humans drop whatever they were carrying upon death which can be looted by anyone.


Health: 100 HP

Top Speed: 25km/h

Height: 1.8 meters

Weight: 80kgs

Primary Weapon: Punching or shooting

Fears: All predators

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