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This page shows all current in-game achievements that you can get from completing certain tasks or achieving certain goals. This list will be frequently updated as more achievements are added to the game.

Current Achievements

1. Chimera

Find your way to Chimera.

2. Explorer

Find something to assist with your survival.

3. The Big City

Find your way to the township of Greenstone.

4. Night Owl

Survive the terrors of the night.

5. Nutritional

Consume a nutritional snack or drink.

6. Ignition

Build yourself a campfire.

7. Medic

Heal yourself with medicine.

8. Teamwork

Survive together with someone.

9. Bedtime

Get yourself a good nights rest.

10. Spotlight

Illuminate the darkness.

11. Builder

Build something to assist your survival.

12. Wild Man

Find a clan base.

13. Militarised

Equip a powerful weapon.

14. Hunter

Kill a wild animal.

15. Lab Rat

Inject yourself with an unknown serum.

16. Assistance

Score yourself some loot from an airdrop.

17. Clothed

Obtain and wear a piece of metal armour.

18. Biohazard

Uncover the dark secrets hidden within Bunker 47.

19. Hiker

Travel a total of 10km on foot.

20. Slayer

Kill one of the corrupted mutants.

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