the parallax effect

Why Have An Account?

With a registered Parallax account, you instantly become a member and receive immediate perks. These include but are not limited to...

- 100 free credits (when you register a new account)!

- Ability to earn XP and track stats in-game!

- Ability to increase your account rank and reputation!

- Ability to login and use the online shop!

- Gain access to special member only areas!

Regular Account Levels

**Available to everyone**

1. Unranked (Starting rank for all new survivors)

2. Newbie

3. Beginner

4. Amateur

5. Advanced

6. Pro

7. Master

8. Legend

9. God (Maximum regularly achievable rank)

Exclusive Account Levels

**Available to those who have a connection with the developer**

10. Donator

11. VIP

12. Moderator

13. Administrator

Restricted Account Levels

**Available to those who are directly involved in development**

14. Manager (Only managers receive this rank)

15. Developer (Only developers receive this rank)

How To Register

Visit the Register page at the top of this page to register a new account, login and start your Parallax adventure today!

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