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Development update information has been moved to The Official Parallax Effect Trello page which can be found by either clicking 'Trello' in the nav bar at the top of your screen or just click the logo below. However, all development blogs that are published will still show on this page for viewing.

v0.6.1.0 Content/Bugfix Update #19

This minor update contains some exciting new content along with a few major bugfixes. More to come this week.[*] [*]What's new?[*]- Fixed a bug causing client inventories not to be updated when equipping/dequipping equipment[*]- Added armour rating in 3 categories (low caliber, high caliber and explosives protection)[*]- When the player dies their skills no longer reset only any unspent skill points do

v0.6.0.0 Content/Bugfix Update #18

It's been 5 days since the last update and I am glad to be announcing some pretty huge additions. Some long requested features have finally been implemented along with the usual bugfixes from bug reports posted in the official Discord server.[*] [*]I had also planned to have a dedicated server up for this update however it's been extremely troublesome to get it to work so I have postponed it for now to focus back on development of the game. I am hopeful in the next few updates I will be able to get one up as it has been a long requested feature from players wishing to engage in the multiplayer aspect of the game.[*] [*]However, this particular update addresses some brand new game features which are all listed below, I encourage you to check them all out as you might be pleasantly surprised.[*] [*]What's New?[*]- Rebuilt the entire options menu UI and back-end to a far more user-friendly design[*]- Added audio options[*]- Added gameplay options[*]- Added control/keybinding options[*]- Added V-Sync option to graphics menu[*]- Added 20 supported screen resolutions to the graphics menu[*]- Fixed a bug causing skinned items no to show in the inventory character render[*]- Fixed a bug causing the inspect item screen not to close when the cosmetic inventory is closed[*]- Fixed a bug causing death messages not to show when a player is killed[*]- Fixed a bug causing a red collision sphere to show on screen when surfacing in a body of water[*]- Fixed a bug causing time to not move making it either eternal day or night when loading a saved game[*]- Fixed a bug causing the flare gun to shoot backwards[*]- Removed the default console[*]- Added a custom console which can be opened/closed with the F1 key[*]- Added /item command to spawn any item[*]- Added /kick command to kick a player from the server if you are an admin[*]- Added /timeSet command to set the global time on a server[*] [*]In the next update I will looking at getting a dedicated server up and running along with more bugfixes and implementing of suggestions from the Discord server.

v0.5.5.0 Bugfix Update #17

This update is another pretty major bugfix update finally addressing some of the more gamebreaking bugs which have been reported. Take a look below, your bug report may be listed as fixed.[*] [*]As of this update I have fixed 68 out of the 91 bugs that have been reported so far. There is still quite a long way to go but I aim to release an update each day for the rest of this week and hopefully fix all 91 bugs by the end. I have also updated the official website with all the new content since the games release last month. So if you want to know more about the game or learn some tips/tricks on how to survive be sure to check out the official site.[*] [*][*] [*]What's new?[*]- Fixed a bug when cancelling building in build mode the item you were building drops on the ground instead of in your inventory[*]- Fixed a bug causing swimming at the surface of water to be impossible[*]- Fixed a potential cheat which allowed the duplication of items if you equipped the item at the same time as dropping it[*]- Fixed a bug causing the time of day to reset to 6:00AM upon loading a saved game[*]- Fixed a bug causing the player to be able to see through walls if they walked up to one and stood right next to it[*]- Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the players cause of death[*]- Enlarged the width of jetties making them now traversable by AI[*]- Fixed a bug allowing for the player to hit a tree multiple times after it was chopped down and infinitely get more wood from it until the tree despawned[*]- Fixed a bug causing fruit that falls from trees to go straight through the ground and not be collectable by the player[*]- Fixed a bug causing the player to instantly sink to the bottom of a body of water if they attempted to jump while swimming at the surface[*]- Fixed a bug causing the player to be unable to get out of water once jumping in[*]- Fixed a bug causing hunger and thirst to deplete extremely quickly when standing still[*]- Fixed a bug causing bullets to be destroyed immediately after being shot if the player was facing directly downwards or upwards whilst shooting

v0.5.4.5 Bugfix Update #16

This a relatively small patch which contains only a few bugfixes but they are pretty major ones. In the official Discord server we have reached 90 confirmed reported bugs which is pretty incredible. Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs whether it be 1 or 10 every single report helps me make the game better for everyone![*] [*]The following updates will be aimed at eliminating all 90 of these bugs before any majorly new content is released. Sit tight and in the next week or so I am hopeful that I can debug everything then we can get into some exciting new content![*] [*]What's new?[*]- Fixed a bug causing the crouch/prone obstacles in the tutorial to have no collision[*]- Fixed a bug causing The Harrow to not play a dying animation upon death[*]- Fixed a bug causing helmet vision restrictions to still show on screen when playing in 3rd person perspective[*]- Fixed a bug causing magazines to vanish from weapons when the weapon is unequipped from the players hand[*]- Fixed a bug making it impossible to unlock the titan and punisher skills[*]- Fixed a bug causing the field medic skill to reduce healing effectiveness to 10% instead of boosting it to 110%[*]- Fixed a bug causing the shift clicking of items into a storage unit to make the items vanish[*] [*]If you're not already a part of the game's Discord community please consider joining if you like the game and want to get directly involved with development and bugfixing. Come meet other players and learn more about the game. Use the invitation link below if you're interested. See you all there![*] [*]

v0.5.4.0 Major Optimisation Improvements #15

You can probably guess by the title what this update is all about. Since the games initial launch on Jan 1st 2018 I have received several complaints from players unfortunately not being able to play the game at a decent FPS rate and in some cases not being able to play the game at all.[*] [*]I am glad to finally announce some major optimisation improvements have been implemented reducing the required hardware performance significantly. Players will now find it much easier to load into the game and play with a smooth FPS rate. Of course, I cannot say exactly what hardware you will require to play at a reasonable frame rate as I cannot extensively test the game on all levels of hardware capabilities. I am hoping the community will be able to send in any information on how their performance is with their PC specs which will help me gauge how well the optimisation is going.[*] [*]This update was mainly focused entirely on the optimisation upgrades however a few bugs were dealt with in the process as well which is great. Check out all the changes below.[*] [*]What's new?[*]- Introduced fully implemented mesh LOD's on every single model in the game[*]- Fixed a bug causing the player to loose any items contained in a slot take by a piece of equipment upon dequipping the equipped item[*]- Added cull distance volumes for all major locations on the map improving in-game performance significantly[*]- Removed the 16 item cap on the cosmetic inventory allowing as many items as you find to be unboxed and used[*]- Fixed a bug causing the remember me button to uncheck itself upon restarting the game[*]- Fixed a bug causing the player to lose all saved data if they clicked respawn in the tutorial[*] [*]I will be resuming bugfix updates in the following few days and then hopefully some major content additions in the coming week.

v0.5.3.4 Content Update #14

Hi all, this update is a pretty huge one considering I haven't put one out a whole week. I have been working on a feature that was requested quite a while ago before the game had even launched on Steam from a community member. This request being a player skill system.[*] [*]I decided to make my own style of skill tree which allows the player to earn skill points by killing enemies including hostile animals, mutants and other human survivors. The more difficult the enemy is to kill, the more skill points you will receive.[*] [*]You can then press the 'U' key to bring up a screen containing several skills each requiring a certain amount of skill points to unlock. You can click on unlockable skills to see what they give you and how much they cost before you choose to spend your points on them.[*] [*]I have modelled the skill system to enable the player to direct his characters skill set in one of four directions. These four directions of skills are medical, weaponry, player movement and finally a fourth category which consists of some strange unique skills at a slightly greater cost.[*] [*]Along with this new major addition which I'm certain many members of the community will be happy about, I have also fixed a bunch of bugs and added a couple of other things which will all be listed below.[*] [*]What's New?[*]- Added fully implemented skill tree/skill points system and 27 unlockable skills[*]- Fixed a bug causing player models to keep sliding along the ground in the direction the player was moving upon death if an input key was held while being killed[*]- Fixed a bug causing the generator in the HAB module you spawn in not staying on[*]- Fixed a bug causing achievement notifications to fly in from the top right but then not disappear afterwards[*]- Added a remember me button on the login screen due to popular demand[*]- Added a quit button on the login screen so you don't have to force close the game if you can't login[*]- Adjusted the view ranges on all animals[*]- Added decreased player sensing ability for all animals if the player is either crouched or prone[*]- Added a new location on the map named Rocky's Scrapyard which is located on the southern island to the right of Princeton[*]- Loot spawn tables adjusted for non-military areas[*]- Loot spawn tables adjusted for airdrops[*]- Fixed a bug causing clients on multiplayer to be unable to equip anything[*]- Fixed a bug causing clients on multiplayer to be unable to load a magazine into a weapon[*]- Fixed a bug causing flares to explode instantly upon being shot from a flare gun[*]- Fixed a bug causing clients on multiplayer to be unable to shoot with a loaded weapon[*]- Fixed a bug causing the dequipping of a weapon to not reset players ammunition value to 0[*]- Fixed a bug causing pine and walnut trees to be unchoppable[*]- Adjusted damage, range, recoil and bullet velocity for all weaponry[*]- Added the ability for some guns to use fully automatic shooting (naga, lantana and bison)[*]- Added the ability to close all UI by moving your character rather than having to hit the particular open/close UI button again[*]- Fixed a bug causing all players on a multiplayer server to see a popup when someone is near to the generator[*]- Fixed a bug causing the game to sometimes not load the saved location of the player upon loading a saved game[*]- Fixed a bug causing the save button to be clickable in the tutorial pause menu which would save anything you picked up there and give it to you when you load into the actual game[*]- Added pages 9 and 10 to the survival guide[*] [*]Lots done in this update as you can see and I hope to keep this work level up for everyone who has continued to support the games development and sent in bug reports to assist the debugging process. I hope you all enjoy the new skill system and please send me any feedback you might have on improvements to make on it etc.

v0.5.5.3 Bugfix/Content Update #13

It's time for another pretty significant update everyone. Over the last 24 hours I have been working on finalising some new content I had developed not too long ago. If you haven't already encountered The Reaper then you must be quite lucky. However, this new update will be introducing some new experiments to the mix similar to the current Reaper making for some frightening new content.[*] [*]The Harrow and The Split are two new enemies you can now possibly encounter upon nightfall. Unfortunately I must admit they are significantly more difficult to defeat than The Reaper. The Harrow has the ability to leap over 20 feet and pin down the player in only two hits from its giant clawed paws. The Harrow is also capable of moving at a top speed of 60km/h far outrunning The Reaper.[*] [*]The Split however is the most interesting of the bunch. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter him, fear the worst. The Split has the unique ability to clone itself up to ten times when nearby to its victim. Each clone spawns less powerful than the last however when swarmed by all ten makes for a virtually un-beatable opponent. The only way to beat The Split is to take out the original in order to stop it from replicating itself. This can be quite a difficult task not for the novice survivor.[*] [*]Currently the spawn tables are rigged in your favour. As it stands, The Reaper has a 3/6 or 1/2 chance to spawn, The Harrow a 2/6 or 1/3 chance to spawn, and finally, The Split being so tough only has a 1/6 chance to spawn on any given night. You will only ever encounter one of the three mutants on one particular night however be warned, although The Reaper dies at sunrise, both new opponents are un-phased by sunlight meaning if you do not kill the mutant during its night it will stay alive hunting you down until it is killed making it possible to have multiple alive in the following night. Think carefully and plan ahead as nothing will be certain. Also make sure you have plenty of ammunition because both new enemies are far more durable.[*] [*]What's New?[*]- Added a new mutant codenamed as The Harrow[*]- Added a new mutant codenamed as The Split[*]- Adjusted loot drops by all mutants scaled by difficulty to kill[*]- Added light switches inside all static buildings which are fully operational by pressing 'F' on them[*]- Fixed a bug causing it to rain indoors[*]- Advanced LOD's added to 37 new in-game models which should reduce frame lag significantly on slower running machines[*]- Added climbable ladders on buildings that have them attached[*] [*]Thanks to everyone in the discord and those supporting through Steam for their help in tracking down bugs/glitches. I will be following this update with more optomisation improvements.

v0.5.3.2 Bugfix Update #12

Lots of bugs fixed in this update including a few major new additional functions which have improved gameplay immensely. The following updates I will be focusing entirely on performance optomisation as the buglist is starting to shrink a little now which is great to see.[*] [*]What's new?[*]- Fixed a rather troublesome bug causing it to be impossible to swim at the surface of water. This caused players to drown while crossing large bodies of water on the map.[*]- Fixed a bug causing certain attachments to be unusable on all wepaons[*]- Fixed a bug causing attachments not to save on weapons when dequipped or dropped[*]- Fixed a bug causing oxygen not to deplete health when idle upon reaching 0%[*]- Fixed a bug causing sanity not to deplete health when idle upon reaching 0%[*]- Fixed a bug causing some weapons not to register the player was killed using them[*]- Fixed a bug causing some roads not to be properly aligned with the ground

v0.5.3.1 Bugfix Update #11

Time for another update. Some issues cropped up from yesterdays update unexpectedly which have, as of this update, been resolved. Also a couple new functions have been added to assist playability.[*] [*]What's new?[*]- Fixed a bug causing sovereign magazines not to be reloadable[*]- Fixed a bug causing high caliber rounds to be unusable[*]- Flashlights now longer require batteries, however are now much rarer to find[*]- Players left arm no longer attempts to hold gun while underwater[*]- Fixed a bug causing the chemicals item to scale extremely large when dropped[*]- Items are now droppable by dragging them out of the inventory rather than having to right click and select the drop action[*]- Bear player sensing range has been toned down significantly making it easier to evade bears[*]- Wolf player sensing range has been toned down slightly however peripheral view has been hightened[*]- Deer player sensing has been increased significantly making them incredibly sensititve to any nearby movement[*]- Fixed a bug causing the knife, wooden spear and shiv to apply a skin when a player has the jungle axe cosmetic equipped[*]- Fixed a bug causing the sword to be unusable[*]- Fixed a bug causing vehicles to be impossible to spawn[*]- Introduced proper version numbering for each update of the game from v0.5.3.1 onwards

v0.5.3 Bugfix Update #10

Todays update is a big one indeed with plenty of fixes regarding reported issues over the past week. Those who have reported bugs will most likely find at least one of theirs fixed below. There are also some cool new additions which I'm sure you will enjoy exploring and trying out.[*] [*]Whats new?[*] [*]- Fixed a bug causing ammunition and weaponry items not being able to despawn[*]- Fixed a bug causing flares and rockets to be unusable due to the ammunition count on them showing 0/1 instead of 1/1[*]- Fog thickness has been reduced by 50%[*]- Rain duration has been reduced by 75% making rain last for a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 5 based on randomisation[*]- Fixed a bug causing players to be able to sprint without draining stamina by using the A and S keys[*]- Fixed a bug causing the stamina bar to show -0% when depleted instead of just 0%[*]- Fixed a bug causing the players location not to be loaded sometimes when loading a saved game[*]- Fixed a bug causing players stats to be re-loaded from previous save upon death[*]- Added coloured flares which randomise their colour every time you shoot one[*]- Improved the aim/shoot mechanics of the game to align the left hand of the character to the weapon they are holding[*]- Adjusted aim cameras for all guns to align with the center of the screen[*]- Lowered the difficulty of the deadzone significantly making it easier to survive longer inside it[*]- Fixed a bug causing the tutorial to show 'E' as the interact key instead of 'F'[*]- Fixed a bug causing hint #4 to show 'B' as the survival guide key instead of 'G'[*]- Fixed a bug causing deer to make a wolf sound upon death[*]- Fixed a bug causing enemies to be unable to chase the player to the edge of the shoreline making it possible to kill them without the player taking any damage[*]- Fixed a bug causing wolves and bears to be easily avoidable by sprinting backwards while they are chasing you and hitting them without taking damage[*]- Buffed the health of all bears making them far more difficult to kill, however more rewarding in the loot they drop[*] [*]Thanks for the continued support from everyone, it really helps me in my efforts to improve the game. See you all for the next update which will for the first time be including some much needed optomisation improvements.

v0.5.3 Bugfix Update #9

Today's patch consists of some more bugfixes along with a few new weapons. And some general tweaks to gameplay balancing reducing some spawn rates and such. There are also some new crafting recipes and wolves now have the chance to be stunned upon being hit giving you a chance to deal damage without taking any from the wolf yourself.[*] [*]What's new?[*]- Campfires now allow you to cook all types of meat by standing close by and accessing the crafting menu[*]- Campfires now show an icon when you are close enough to cook something[*]- Fixed a bug causing loot bags dropped by bears saying it has dropped from a wolf[*]- Wolves now have a chance to stagger when hit disabling them from attacking for a short time[*]- Added wooden spear (ID 214)[*]- Added knife (ID 215)[*]- Added shiv (ID 216)[*]- Increased spawn rates for common items[*]- Decreased spawn rates for rare items[*]- Wolves now drop cloth and small amounts of leather[*]- Fixed a bug causing the bear death animation to loop[*]- Enabled vehicle spawns in all military locations[*]- Fixed a bug causing animals to continue to damage you after they are killed[*] [*]Thanks to those who have reported bugs in the Discord and helped to make the game better for everyone.

v0.5.3 Bugfix Update #8

Today's update consists solely of more bugfixes adding onto the ones fixed yesterday. The following updates this week will be similarly based purely on bugfixes and optomisation improvements.[*] [*]Fixes in this update...[*] [*]- Fixed a bug causing the inventory to be full upon death making it impossible to pick anything up when you respawn[*]- Fixed a bug causing the players sanity bar not to replenish when away from The Reaper[*]- Re-worked bear spawn rates to decrease chance of them spawning giving the player more of a chance at survival in early game[*]- Fixed a bug causing the players carry weight not being updated properly when loading an inventory from a saved game

v0.5.3 Bugfix Update #7

Just a little update today following yesterdays content update regarding some bugfixes that have been quite hard to track down and sort out. I have been able to solve a few of the major issues that have been reported which should make gameplay significantly more enjoyable and generally more playable for all. The next major update will consist of some optomisation finally after several requests from players. So hang tight and your FPS will start to improve from here on out.[*] [*]Fixes for this update...[*] [*]- Inventory save issue FINALLY resolved 100% (from what I can determine through testing)[*]- Fixed a bug causing base foundations (floors) not to save when built[*]- Fixed a bug causing bears to sound like wolves when hit[*]- Changed the default graphical settings to boot the game up in windowed mode for new players which should stop scaling issues with UI[*]- 1280x720 added as a screen resolution you can select from the GFX menu[*]- Improvised grenades now have a 1/2 chance to detonate instead of the previous 1/4 chance

v0.5.3 Content Update #6

I'm glad to announce a pretty huge update which will introduce some new content into the game for the first time since release. This new content consists mainly of some new wild life which will add to the survival aspect of the game greatly. Previously there have only been wolves you had to watch out for in the wild, now you will have the chance to come across wild deer.[*] [*]The new deer come in two variants, male stags and female does. Stags will be significantly more aggressive towards players however only if provoked. Keep your distance and you should be fine. However, the stags natural instincts are to run from you as a human, they will only attempt to fight if you get too close to them. Doe's on the other hand are more submissive and will not fight human survivors. They are however more sensitive to both sound and movement nearby making hunting them significantly more difficult.[*] [*]The second big addition is bears. Wolves are no longer your biggest common threat, bears are big, fast and strong. Far superior to the wild wolf, an encounter with a grizzly bear may well be your last encounter with anything. The chance of stumbling across a bear is significantly rarer than that of a wolf or deer however should you find yourself in pursuit by one you best hope you can get to some higher ground or have enough firepower to put the bear down yourself. Also note, bears take far more effort to kill than wolves and will easily kill you in 3 to 4 blows from their giant clawed paws.[*] [*]Both new entities have been registered to the GPS database which will alert you to their presence should you tread too close to one. These new additions should not take away from the fact The Reaper is still the most dangerous enemy you should keep in mind at all times.[*] [*]With the new addition of these animals of course brings along a few new items including raw deer and raw bear meat which can be cooked similarly to wolf meat over a campfire if you have one. Both deer and bears give significantly more animal pelt (leather) when killed making a bear takedown well worth your ammunition and efforts. It is also important to note that both deer and bear meat give far greater boosts to stats across the board compared to wolf meat.[*] [*]Several bugs have also been fixed along side the addition of the new content, all of which will be listed below.[*] [*]What's New?[*]- Added deer male and female[*]Added grizzly bear[*]- Added raw deer meat (ID 208)[*]- Added cooked deer meat (ID 209)[*]- Added raw bear meat (ID 211)[*]- Added cooked bear meat (ID 212)[*]- Fixed a bug causing resolutions to be incorrect upon first startup for some players[*]- Fixed a bug causing items to occasionally fall through the landscape if collision was particularly thin on the item model when dropped[*]- Fixed a bug causing items spawning server-side being incorrectly replicated to connected clients[*]- Changed item despawn timer to 15 minutes instead of 10 due to some complaints about gear being hard to return to when killed[*]- Fixed a bug causing player save games to duplicate ghost items in the players inventory which should not exist[*]- Re-adjusted player reputations on all accounts made before v0.5.3 released[*]- Reduced hunger and thirst meter depletion rates slightly to test some game balancing out[*]- The deadzone is no longer ridiculously hard to stay alive in[*] [*]Thanks for the continued support from all the players and I'll see you all for the next update.

v0.5.3 Bugfix Update #5

Sorry there haven't been any updates for a couple days. I have been very busily re-surfacing the entire map of Chimera with proper asphalt roads instead of the simple dirt paths used before.[*] [*]Like I said, the ENTIRE map has been surfaced however some areas have been left as dirt paths as it is more appropriate (e.g. campsites and small buildings on their own). In future updates these roads will be improved upon however this basic resurfacing should suffice for the time being.[*] [*]A few minor bugs have also been addressed in this update including the following...[*] [*]- Wolves properly damage players when hit[*]- Flares and rockets no longer display 0/1 ammunition when loaded[*]- Inventory items no longer duplicate when a savegame is loaded[*]- Base buildables no longer allow rotation[*] [*]That's all for now, I'll see you all soon for the next bugfix update.

v0.5.3 Bugfix Update #4

After a couple days more working through my extremely lengthy buglist I am glad to cross several more off the list. I'm still trying to get an update out at least every 2 days if not everyday if I can. However I will only upload an update when a significant amount of issues have been fixed.[*] [*]Fixes for this update...[*] [*]- Saving system reworked to fix multiple loading issues with items missing from player inventory and storage containers[*]- Inventory and attachment screen now closes when movement input detected to make gameplay significantly more smooth[*]- All items reworked to stack more appropriately e.g. glue/duct tape/rocks all stack to 10 each to increase portability[*]- Ammunition/reload system applied for all weapons[*]- Melee weapons no longer display ammunition stats in the bottom right[*]- Respawn option in pause menu now has an are you sure button to stop accidentally clicking it and respawning your character[*]- Update news now formats correctly in the main menu[*]Death screen now tells you exactly what you died from and how you died[*]- The Reaper has been nerfed a little due to many reports complaining he is too difficult to evade[*]- Game data transfer security update to stop editing of player data[*]- Options added to load previous save game OR start a new game and wipe current save game[*]- Equipping/dequipping weapons by dragging the weapon into your right hand equipment slot is now fixed[*]- Items are now directly swappable in and out of your hand via the hotkeys, dragging or right clicking equip[*]- All types of ammunition now save inside all appropriate weapons[*] [*]Thanks for the continued support from all players and I will see you again for the next update.

v0.5.2 Bugfix Update #3

We are now 4 days in after release and the third bugfix update is already here. My aim is to release a patch a day for the first couple weeks to really get these bugs and glitches nailed before releasing any new content.[*] [*]Thanks to everyone who is continuing to send in bug reports, it really helps speed up the process of tracking down issues and resolving them. Here's what I've managed to fix and improve over the last couple days...[*] [*]Fixes for this update...[*]- Fixed issue with chat not scrolling to the very bottom when it fills up with messages[*]- Fixed issue with chat not refocusing player control after a message is sent[*]- Item despawn timer reset to stop the issue with item's never despawning[*]- Empty magazine items removed entirely as they are no longer required with the new weapon reload mechanics[*]- Fixed issue with supply crates (loot boxes) being unbox-able twice if you were fast enough to click unbox twice[*]- Reset reputation and XP gathering amount to normal (it had previously been set too high)[*]- Fixed issue with players not being able to level up after reaching the next levels XP quota[*]- Fixed multiple issues with missing collision boxes on the lighthouse, observatory, church and watch towers so you can no longer fall through walls, floors etc[*]- Default graphics have been bumped up for those who for some reason cannot navigate a settings menu properly and find the graphics settings (please have a look, there is graphics customisation in the game if you look in the settings menu)[*]- Campfires now correctly deal damage to entities when placed down and active[*]- Fixed issue with other players hearing sounds from other players characters when they kill something[*]- All buildables now play a sound when placed down and attenuation has been set an appropriate distance[*]- Human blood texture has been made brighter red however emissive colour has been disabled which stops it glowing in the dark (mutant blood still glows green like it should though)[*]- Quit button in death screen now shows loading screen upon clicking[*]- Notes are now closeable when opened from the hotbar[*]- Cursor now shows up when typing a message in chat so you can scroll back up the chat log to view older messages[*]- Inventory screen and attachments screen now both animate when opened[*]- Fixed issue when un-equipping clothing it now drops any items held currently in the slots that particular piece of clothing provided in the players inventory[*]- You can now directly swap out a weapon or item of clothing from the inventory screen instead of having to dequip your current item then equip another. Simply equip anything you want and if you already have an item of that kind equipped it will swap it out for the new item you want to equip (might sound a bit complicated but trust me you will like this new system)[*]- Ammunition bags are now openable and will give you a random number of ammunition magazines of varying types[*] [*]This patch is quite a big one so it has taken 2 days instead of 1 to complete. I could have uploaded this half-done to get an update out yesterday but I figured it would be better to knuckle down and finish this list and take a little longer. Sorry for the wait, I will resume daily patches from now on.[*] [*]Thanks for playing and I'll see you all tomorrow.

October 16th 2017 (v0.5.0 Is Here!)

Finally, after many months of development v0.5.0 is ready to play! The new update is now currently available for download from the site right now for Windows systems. This major update marks approximately 6 months since v0.1.0 first launched earlier this year. The update mainly focuses on bugfixes from previous versions of the game and also introduces quite a bit of new content most notably being town redesigns, new mutants to accompany the already existing Reaper, 2 new weapons, 2 new vehicles, a basic weather system including rain/storms that occasionally occur and much much more. For full development information please visit the official Trello page. Arguably the most significant addition however is the integration of the online account system with the game itself. This means you can now use your Parallax account and login with it in-game to track stats, access a personal cosmetics inventory and survive together with players online. The option to play offline still remains should you for some reason be unable to create an account but it is highly recommended to create an account to gain access to the full experience of the game. As for future updates, I will be aiming to start releasing patches on a fortnightly basis rather than monthly to speed development progress up. The next update will be v0.5.1 which will be arriving by late October at this stage. Until then, please feel free to download a copy of v0.5.0 and get surviving right now! - Danstarr13

September 12th 2017 (v0.5 Biggest Update Yet!)

Greetings all, you may have noticed I haven't posted a development blog in a while and yes you're correct, however, the time has now come to reveal the massive changes that have been in the works since last update (v0.45 in late July). Firstly, the game has received a few performance optimisations to assist players using older, less powerful machines. Some tweaks to general player control and movement have also been made along with some camera adjustments for 3rd person view. Weapon sight alignment has been re-tweaked even further to be far more precise and realistic. Every weapon now also has attachment slots enabled meaning every gun can attach at least one attachment. There are currently 5 attachment classes, the barrel class which can attach either a suppressor, barrel extender or flash hider. The tactical class which can attach either a tactical light, tactical laser or rangefinder. The grip class which can attach either a vertical grip or bipod. The sight class which can attach a 2x zoom-enabled scope and finally the stock class which can attach a tactical stock. Each weapon has appropriate attachment rules such as not being able to put a bipod on a pistol or suppress a high powered shotgun. A weapon can have a maximum of 5 possible attachment slots and a minimum of 1, obviously excluding melee weapons which have no attachment slots. The attachment screen can be activated by pressing 'Y' in-game at any time. Moving on to the main feature of the update, after some long nights and many lines of code I have managed to finally link the online account system which we currently have in place on the website to the game itself. This huge breakthrough means that by registering an account here on the official site you can now login to it in-game and start customising your personal character along with tracking stats and engaging in online activity with other players who have also registered an account. This is going to bring about a massive change to the game making it no longer offline play only. As of v0.5 upon launching the game you will be prompted with a login screen waiting for your input. If you haven't already made an account I would highly suggest you do so, it only takes 30 seconds of your time and you can benefit hugely in-game by having one, you can also join the community of players surrounding the game and receive some cool perks too. For those that don't have an account or for whatever reason cannot create one, the option to play single player offline is still there as it always has been however you will be warned that you are not logged in and no stats are being recorded. That brings me to the next major update feature, cosmetics and a personal account inventory. If you are unsure as to what this is, let me tell you, you're going to like it. This feature is only available to players who login with an account in-game and is called the personal inventory. This is different to your inventory when surviving in the actual game, this inventory persists online and is directly linked to your account only. It consists of 16 slots which can hold cosmetic items for your character. These cosmetics consist of skins for clothing and weaponry. Although this may sound very confusing and strange the idea is simple, every time you play the game you have a chance of finding a Pre-alpha Loot Box. What in the world is that you might ask? It is a virtual crate containing one of ten cosmetic items each ranging in rarity from common to godly. When you receive a loot box, what's inside is already determined however you must unbox it yourself to reveal it and add it to your inventory. Doing so will consume the box and replace it with the item you unboxed. This item can then be viewed in your personal inventory from the main menu screen via the Inventory button. You can then select it and click equip to use it. By equipping the item it will now displayed on your character in-game for everyone else to see. Currently there are 30 items that can be unboxed (3 types of loot boxes) and used in-game, this number is obviously expected to increase in the near future once new content is added. Oh and one other thing, the Pre-alpha Loot Boxes are only available while the game is in the pre-alpha stage, meaning that these items will never be available again once the game reaches alpha. So make sure you save any items you get as they will be quite rare. For now that is all from me, the release date for v0.5.0 is going to be Friday the 13th of October. Any changes to that will of course be posted here on the official site. Thanks to all the guys in the Discord server providing support for the game and myself. I hope to see you all in-game soon! -Danstarr13

July 30th 2017 (v0.4 Huge Update!)

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted anything for the past few months. I've had something quite amazing in the works since v0.3 all the way back in May. A monumental update which I am very pleased to announce will be dropping tomorrow June 31st 2017! I know this might seem all of a sudden but I figured that I'd keep it under wraps until I was ready to release it and then I'd let everyone know right before. Before I begin to address what's new in the update I'd like to firstly thank everyone for all the support and those who have taken part in bug reporting, voting and everything else along the way. We are now currently at 100 members in the Discord server which is absolutely great. I hope this number continues to grow as the game progresses through development. Ok now that's out of the way we can get down to business. What's new? Well I'm not too sure where to even begin as there are such a large number of things that have been not only fixed but added, improved and even a few things removed. If you would rather just see a checklist of everything that has changed please visit the official Trello page (click the button in the navbar at the top of the screen that says "Trello" to be taken there right now). If you would like to stick around I'll give a brief round up of the most important changes in this blog post below. So, firstly I'll talk about the additions to the game. If you are just joining the community now and haven't played any of the previous versions then this probably won't mean much to you but the HAB module you spawn in has had some major overhauls including a more in depth storyline and backstory which you can optionally learn about by finding and reading several notes scattered around the place. When you spawn in you will possess one of 4 survivors of the plague subject D418, D419, D420 or D421. They are all the same, you don't get any bonuses for playing as any particular one and it is randomised which one you will play as. Depending on which subject you play as you will spawn in a different room with your ID number on the outside of it. From here you will need to restore power to the HAB module via a generator located somewhere in the building. Once this is done you may proceed to explore the rest of the building or press the Cycle Main Doors button in the main chamber to jump out of the HAB module and enter the world armed with whatever you found inside. From there what you do is entirely up to you. See how long you can survive and what new secrets you can uncover. Another notable addition is wolves. They are currently the first and only animal you can find roaming the wilderness day and night. While not being as much of a threat as other larger enemies, wolves are still rather dangerous particularly when multiple come charging at you all at once. You will need multiple gunshots to take one down or a powerful melee weapon such as a Katana. With this new addition you can also harvest meat from dead wolves which can be cooked over a campfire and also leather which can be used to craft backpacks and other clothing items. That brings me to the addition of over 50 crafting recipes. Obviously I will not be naming them all however I will say that they are extremely useful and should be utilised as soon as possible. Another major addition is the ability to both cut trees and mine rocks. Any weapon (except guns) can be used to hack at both trees and rocks however using something like your fists or a flashlight will take hundreds of hits to break a rock or chop down a tree. Instead you should aim to either find or craft an axe for wood cutting and a pickaxe for mining. These tools will make quick work of both trees and rocks which will make wood and metal collecting much faster. Another note worth addition are chests which are now the top tier wooden storage unit above barrels. They can be both found and crafted in Oak, Pine and Walnut material and provide a hefty amount of space and weight capacity to store all your items. Finally, I'll end with possibly the coolest addition which is a new sniper rifle. It's named The Sovereign and is a big bolt action single shot high caliber military grade rifle. As with any gun it can only be found not crafted and is extremely rare and valuable. Best spots to look in order to find one is any of the northern military locations including but not limited to Drosden Base, Kingston Checkpoint and Sheffield Outpost. That just about does it for this update. All the minor improvements and fixes are all listed in the Trello page which I would advise you checking out prior to playing to know everything that has changed. As for me, I'll be busy compiling the final Windows and Mac versions performing the final tests for both builds. If all goes well they will be available tomorrow right here on the website. Thanks for the continued support and I hope to see you in-game soon! - Danstarr13

May 17th (v0.2 Release News!)

It's been almost exactly 1 month since the successful release of v0.1. I am glad to announce that v0.2 will be available on May 22nd for direct download on both Windows and for the first time Mac as well. The response from the first release was extremely promising and big thanks to everyone who helped with the debugging process by reporting in-game bugs. It would have been 100 times harder for me to find them all myself, so thanks for that. Overall 53 bugs were reported and confirmed from the debugging of v0.1 and have since all been fixed and patched into v0.2. Every single one. This is not going to mean there will be no bugs in v0.2, I am actually expecting even more to appear from the new content that has been added. So please don't stop reporting any bugs you come across as it is greatly appreciated and really helps me out more than you think. Big thanks go out to ThinkTank who has made an awesome new logo for the game which will be featured as of v0.2. I would also like to encourage anyone who has any skill in either texturing, 3D modelling or animation to feel free to submit any work they would like to have featured in the game. If it suits the art style of the game then it will most likely feature somewhere. Contact me for any further enquiries about this. You can view the full changelog on the Discord buglist text channel or the official Trello page. Some notable additions to v0.2 include the addition of some new items, 30 new crafting recipes allowing for the first base buildables to be in-game along with some placeable storage units and tools including campfires, bedrolls and barbed wire which can be used to reinforce your home from thieves. v0.2 will also be introducing utilities such as glue, duct tape, nails, bolts, metal sheets and cloth which you will need to use to craft several more advanced items. Current base buildables include floors, doorways, pillars, roofs, walls, windows and doors. These can currently be crafted as only Oak buildables however there are also Pine and Walnut materials planned to be added soon along with Aluminium. Aiming in on gun sights has been fixed which now allows for far easier weapon handling. The ability to prone has also been added which allows for some stealthy PVP action, however don't worry server admins can still set their server to either PVP or PVE based on how they want combat to be. You can now kill each other. Hooray! When you successfully hit a player a green hitmarker will appear around your crosshair indicating the hit was successful. The opposing player will then take an amount of damage depending on the power of your weapon and a spiffy blood effect will spray outwards from the point of impact from the bullet and leave some marks on the ground. The lighting build has also received a fantastic new overhaul with some neat additions including sun/moon lightshafts and emissive glow. Although this will require some increased processing power for those that can handle it, it's definitely worth it. Don't worry though as the ability to disable the new graphical features is still available for those with a less powerful rig. On that note, graphics settings also now save along with a new save system for players' inventories. Please be aware that the current 'sync' system makes your singleplayer inventory persistent when on a server and vice versa. Lose an item online and you will also lose it in your singleplayer world. This makes for some interesting gameplay forcing you to carry in your inventory from single player and survive with it. Soon there will also be an option to disable the inventory sync when server-side individual player data saving is added. Players will now drop their items upon death which will be lootable by anyone. The Reaper has also received some smarter upgrades including a new special ability which you can find out about yourself. I've also upgraded the game to use Unreal Engine to v4.15.2 which is the latest public stable version. That pretty much wraps it up for this update, thanks again for everyones continued support and I hope to see you in-game soon!

March 27th (v0.1 Release News!)

Just a quick update for everyone letting you know of some new features I wanted to get done before I release v0.1. This will mean the release date will be early April at this stage however I will ensure this will not be pushed back any further. Some of the features I will be creating are server lists allowing multiple servers to be running through the steam subsystem at once along with the addition of some more advanced server settings allowing the administrator(s) to customise their server further. A combat system is now in place allowing for either PVP or PVE to be chosen on servers along with version control allowing only players with the same game version as the administrator to connect to their server. Theres a bunch of other little fixes I'm working on which you can follow on the Trello page but for now that's all, just letting everyone know the game is coming soon, so sit tight and please be patient as I'm working as fast as I can!

March 1st (v0.1 IS HERE!)

*DISCLAIMER* Hi everyone, haven't posted anything since Jan so I think this is well overdue. This is going to be a very long post, but I will try to be as brief as possible. In just a few days (March 10th to be specific) v0.1 will officially be released for download and ready to play from this website. I know it's been a very long process since December 2016 changing from UE3 to UE4 then essentially creating an entire new game, but I am so pleased to announce it is finally done. Well, almost done, this weekend I will be putting on the final touches and compiling, testing (you know the rest of it) and will then be preparing to upload both the Windows and Mac versions (so long as no major issues crop up in the testing phase). Now, one important difference to note among many others I'm going to mention here is that the size of the game has increased significantly since the old one. v0.1 of the old game was if I recall correctly, 500MB or something around there I'm not quite sure. Well, now the new v0.1 is over 3GB. That's right, you heard me correctly. That's GB not MB. If you are not a computer person and have no idea what either GB or MB means then just let me tell you, the new game is pretty huge so ensure you have the space to store it on your machine before downloading. Another thing to note is the revised system specifications. A huge issue with the old game was that it never had any GFX (graphics) settings to speak of meaning that if you had a below average machine then the game was basically unplayable (by that I mean FPS never consistently got above 10). Now, I have taken the time to code in some basic and a few more advanced settings for in-game GFX which are fully manipulable to whatever you like (or whatever your machine can handle). Thus, the system specs on the downloads page has had quite a reduction. Some aspects in particular include the minimum RAM being only 4GB instead of 8GB and you will only need a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU now along with 1.5GB of dedicated VRAM. Don't worry if you have no idea what any of that means, most if not all modern day computers these days should come with at least 4GB of RAM and a half-decent CPU. Only issue you may have is with the GPU as most cheap integrated GFX machines (laptops) will not meet the 1.5GB minimum. Anyway, enough of that, I will leave you to review the specs yourself in further detail if you wish to. Now onto the game itself. Some new additions include, well everything basically. The game has been completely re-done and essentially is a brand new game on a brand new engine. One feature I am extremely happy about is the addition of multiplayer. This took probably the longest amount of time to create as there are so many more actions to consider when you are programming for more than one player. Now, I know you are probably thinking, but won't there be heaps of bugs and glitches everywhere? The answer is ultimately yes, however I have done my best to minimise them for the time being but I know more will eventually crop up and be reported by users if they are not already found by me. I will mention briefly the limitations of the current multiplayer and what you can and can't do. Currently you will require a Steam account to access the multiplayer features of the game as the way I have set it up processes everything through Steam. This will be changed in the future but for now you need to get yourself a Steam account if you haven't already, or just don't bother with multiplayer, though I will admit, it is much more fun than singleplayer in the long run. Currently if you have a Steam account you can host or join any server. If you plan on hosting a server for you and your friends all you need to do is set up a few parameters in the in-game host menu like making a server name and setting the max players. The most players you can host on a server at the moment is 10 (for network speed reasons), this is planned to be increased in the future and servers will be much more customisable. If you plan on just joining servers that is even easier, just click search on the join menu after setting up your player profile and the game will automatically begin searching for available servers. The admin of the server will have special privileges over connected clients such as being able to change the map and difficulty level of the server along with kicking misbehaving players and of course starting and stopping the server. Currently however there is no save feature in place meaning all progress made both in single player and multiplayer will unfortunately be lost upon closing the game or shutting down the server. This is planned to be fixed in the next update. Another new feature is the ability to chat with other players in-game using the chat box located in the top left of the screen. You can customise the colour of your text based on the favourite colour you selected when you setup your player profile along with your name and avatar image that appears next to it. Everything you customise in your profile will be automatically saved to the local machine permanently (unless manually deleted by the user which is not recommended at all!) The final addition I will mention here because this post is ridiculously long already is the new achievements system. This has added 10 unique achievements that anyone can get from progressing through the game and completing certain tasks. There is currently no additional award for getting achievements other than the sense of satisfaction in your efforts, which let's be honest isn't all that bad. Of course there will be more achievements added in future updates as the game is developed. So that just about covers what I want to reveal here. There is so much more but I couldn't possibly explain it all in one post, you will just have to wait and find out for yourself when the game is released next Friday. Until then, sit tight and get ready to download and start your survival very soon...

January 27th (It's Almost Here!)

With only a few days to go v0.1 is looking fantastic and ready to play. The deadline at first was thought to be a little ambitious particularly due to the fact I was switching game engines entirely. This meant that everything needed to be re-done (not fun!) However, I have managed to pull it all together and am pleased to inform you that the Jan 31st due date will be going ahead at this stage so hopefully on Feb 1st you can download your very own copy of The Parallax Effect v0.1 right from this website and start your survival! Another important note I would like to make is that the website is currently undergoing some major overhauling after the recent security issues were resolved, so expect some pages to be missing temporarily or blocked due to maintenance. I will also be working on getting a proper account page going with working voting and a fully stocked online shop very soon! There's a lot in the works at the moment but by the end of it all it'll all be worth it. Thanks again for everyones continued support and patience through the engine changeover period and as always see you next week for another update!

January 7th (Engine Changeover Update!)

Hi all, time to post an update on how the changeover to UE4 is going (I'll try to make these a weekly thing). Progress is slow but steady at the moment and I am pleased to inform that the first demo release will be available by the end of January. I'm not certain on an exact date at this stage however I can say late January/early February at the absolute latest. For all the information regarding the first release v0.1 may I refer you to the official Parallax Effect Trello page below... There you can find out absolutely everything on the dev side of things and even post your own comments and suggestions and votes. I'm excited to start a new game on UE4 and it is certainly coming along well so far. I will post another update next week detailing more about how development is going. - Danstarr13

November 13th (UNREAL ENGINE 4!)

Well, the news has finally hit the website, that's right The Parallax Effect is officially making the rather painful transition from UE3 to UE4 as, lets face the facts, nobody uses UE3 anymore. It was fun working in UE3 but as it is almost 2 years since UE4 was first released it is time to move over to work with the future of game development technology, not the past. We knew this stressful transition time would come around eventually and we had been putting it off intentionally to avoid it but we cannot any longer. This will be a hard time and will require many hours of re-creating assets, maps and the code but it will be a learning time as well. Not only will we learn to use the brand new next-gen tools but also work with lots of active support and assistance along the way. So what does this mean for the game? Well it's hard to tell but I can tell you it will be very different. We are working to re-create the old UE3 game as much as possible but simply put that is impossible, because UE3 is so outdated now very few if any of the assets, maps and code we used are compatible with UE4. So it will be a hard few weeks of solid development on our part to bring you guys the game you remember on UE3 and make it even better. One fantastic thing about UE4 is its incredible graphics power and superior UI over UE3. We are overall glad to be finally making the transition and hope in the next few weeks we can get things back to normal and start working on game updates very shortly. In the mean time development will be on hold and no updates will be released. We are working to speed up this transition period as much as possible and will keep you posted here on Trello and on the official Parallax website. Thank you for your continued support and patience through this time.

October 31st (Halloween Update!)

Hi all, just a reminder about the brand new v0.8 update of The Parallax Effect which was released this morning. The new update is now freely available for download off the website right now! Please keep in mind that the version currently available is a testing version of the game so expect some minor bugs and gameplay issues to be around. These issues will hopefully be ironed out by v0.85 (the next update currently in the works). This testing period will allow me to gain some important information about issues affecting gameplay so that they can be resolved as soon as possible. If you encounter any issues please do not hesitate to let me know. If it is one I don't already know about I might just pay some free XP to you. The testing period will also be used to identify some graphical settings and optimize for older PC's so that everyone can enjoy the game. So what are you waiting for? Go download v0.8 now and get playing!

September 30th 2016 (Where Have I Been?)

It has been another long hard few months of development and I haven't posted a dev update for a while now but finally the secret has been revealed... Yes, there has been a secret version of the game in development for the past year or so and yes it is 100% better than the version available at the moment. I would have revealed it sooner however I wanted to keep it under wraps for as long as possible before its release. If you haven't looked at the Parallax Trello page then you should, but I will give a brief summary of what's coming up in v0.8 here for you. So, v0.8 will be bringing a whole new dimension of game play to the table looking at an entire new genre of game basically. Everything that has been Parallax up until now will be for the most part left in the past versions of the game. v0.8 is looking absolutely amazing so far and I can't wait to reveal more of it to you guys so until then I have provided a sneaky little screen shot of just one small section of the map known as Chimera which I'm sure will please all of you as it is absolutely huge and makes for some epic open world survival adventures alone or with friends, yes you heard me, with friends! There is finally a working multiplayer feature to the game and yes it is fairly basic however it allows up to 4 people to join a single world at once so you can grab a few of your mates and play all at the same time on a dedicated server (once setup). I will be revealing plenty more in the coming weeks preceding the first release v0.8 on October 30th just before Halloween. So until next week's dev update, please remember to check out the Parallax Trello page for more detailed dev info (pretty much everything that is being developed at the moment) and also check out the official Parallax YouTube channel Danstarr13 and support Parallax on Facebook @parallaxdanstarr13. Thanks a bunch guys and I will see you all next week for the next dev update in which I will be glad to reveal plenty more awesome new content.

P.S. Special thanks to my friend Tom (TomW1605) who has been helping with web development for the past few months and setting up the new user registration system which is live and ready for you to try out now!

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