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This page gives a brief description of how to use the in-game survival guide and what it is useful for. This page will be regularly updated with relevant information as it is added to the game.

The Guide

Upon starting a new game you will hear a chime and a small dark grey box will fly in from the top right corner of your screen (where you get most in-game notifications from). The box will tell you that you can access a survival guide at any time (as long as you don't have any other windows open) by pressing the 'B' key. This guide is aimed at the novice survivalist venturing forth into Chimera for the first time and even may come in handy for more experienced ones too. The guide covers a wide range of topics 1 through 10 (only 1 - 6 are currently available in v0.1) and gives a brief summary of them all indicating some tips and tricks you can employ to further your survival in particular areas. Certainly worth checking out if you are new to the game.


  • 1. The Survivalist
  • 2. Foraging
  • 3. Water Collection
  • 4. Day And Night
  • 5. Tools
  • 6. Weaponry
  • 7. ???
  • 8. ???
  • 9. ???
  • 10. ???
  • So, when in doubt, consult your guide. It is recommended to always check up on information in the guide as it will be regularly changed and new information will be added that has become relevant in a recent update.

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