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This page contains information about the in-game supply crates and skins that are available. This list will be frequently updated as new content is added.

Supply crates are special boxes containing one particular cosmetic item based upon randomisation. Each supply crate has a stash of items from which the item it contains will be guaranteed to be from. What is inside a supply crate can only be determined once it's opened. Upon unboxing the supply crate the user will be notified of what item they have received. This item will then be added to the users inventory for immediate use if the unboxing process is verified. You have a 1 in 5 chance of receiving a supply crate every time you login to the game. Hopefully you are lucky enough to get one and unbox it.

The chances for receiving an item of increasing rarity are as follows...

Uncommon 16 in 30 chance to receive

Rare 9 in 30 chance to receive

Epic 4 in 30 chance to receive

Legendary 1 in 30 chance to receive

Current Supply Crates

1. Pre-alpha Supply Crate

Limited edition pre-alpha weaponry box containing an item from the pre-alpha stash inside.

- Forestfire Beaver

- Banana Naga

- Striped Flashlight

- Organic Stun Gun

- Fury Morbos

- Coalition Zurich

- Cirrus Sovereign

- Glowing Flare Gun

- Hyper Lantana

- Aquatic Maverick

3. Exotic Supply Crate

Rare weaponry box containing an exotic design from far away lands.

- Candycane Pickaxe

- Golden Flashlight

- Jungle Axe

- Modulus Beaver

- Bloodstream Sword

- Lethal Naga

- Mint Morbos

- Cosmic Sovereign

- Void Lantana

- Charged Sledge Hammer

2. Armoured Supply Crate

Top secret camouflaged armour box containing a stealthy item of clothing.

- Organic Diving Tank

- Copper Metal Boots

- Padded Wooden Vest

- Stitched Knapsack

- Camouflaged Knapsack

- Painted Cardboard Vest

- Urban Cardboard Leggings

- Carbonfibre Metal Helmet

- Graffiti Leather Backpack

- Pulsing Bedroll

4. 2018 Halloween Supply Crate

Mysterious spooky box containing a frightening item of weaponry or clothing. Celebrating Halloween for 2018.

- Batty Patriot

- Bewitched Harrier

- Bloodshed Cardboard Leggings

- Caramelised Iron Pickaxe

- Cobweb Dufflebag

- Demonic Reginald

- Haunted Metal Vest

- Sinister Ryder

- Pumpkin Patch Guppy

- Reaper Sicarius

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