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Latest Dev Update

v0.8.0.0 The Game Changing Update

Greetings survivors,

I'm glad to finally be able to say that the gamechanging update is out!

The v0.8.0.0 update has been in the works for the past 2-3 months and has brought with it essentially an entire new game including new gameplay mechanics, entire UI re-works, over 1000 recorded bugfixes ranging across both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay (mainly multiplayer), new aiming systems, damage systems, shooting mechanics, new weapons both melee and ranged, new resource harvesting mechanics, over 200 new animations including proper strafing, crouched movement, attacking and that's just naming a few.

The list goes on and it would quite literally be impossible to recount the amount of work I have done in the past few months working towards this update. Hence, the usual lengthy changelog below instead encompasses it all in a single word and I guess you'll just have to play for yourself to find out what's new...

This update is just the beginning, there is much more to come so stay tuned. But for now, enjoy the update. Oh, and one more thing before I finally get some sleep, a personal thankyou goes out to EVERYONE who has been supportive and stuck around through the rather lengthy period of no updates. It's kept me motivated to keep working on and improving my game, which now, I hope you can all enjoy.

What's new?

- Everything

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The Developer

Hey everyone, you probably don't know who I am so here you go. I go by the screen name of Danstarr13, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I started getting into game design in 2014 and am the sole developer for my game "The Parallax Effect" (in other words I'm an indie dev). I have made this website to showcase how it looks so far and what is currently being done in terms of development (bearing in mind the game is in the very early stages of pre-alpha). Feel free to have a look around and check everything out. The game is now downloadable on Steam for Windows and I hope to have a Mac version available soon. Anyway, thanks for visiting my website, and be sure to share it to anyone you know who might be interested to help spread the word, I'd really appreciate it!

Powered By Unreal Engine 4

The Parallax Effect was chosen to be developed using Unreal Engine 4. It has proven to be an excellent choice for the game and should hopefully continue to be. So far development is looking great! At the moment you can expect fortnightly updates following the initial v0.0.1 release. Keep checking the website for frequent development updates and news that I will post above as often as possible. The latest development blog is always on the front page of the site (this page) right up the top! You can even click the back to top button below if you're too lazy to scroll.

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