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Ten Pine Cabin
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Night Time Scenery
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Map Of Chimera
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Daytime Scenery
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Morning Over The Lake
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Haunting Twilight


I'm glad you found my website! Please put it in your favourites and remember to check back here regularly for updates each week, because all the latest information for the game can be found out here.

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Latest Dev Update

September 12th 2017 (v0.5 The Biggest Update

Greetings all, you may have noticed I haven't posted a development blog in a while and yes you're correct, however, the time has now come to reveal the massive changes that have been in the works since last update (v0.45 in late July). Firstly, the game has received a few performance optimisations to assist players using older, less powerful machines. Some tweaks to general player control and movement have also been made along with some camera adjustments for 3rd person view. Weapon sight alignment has been re-tweaked even further to be far more precise and realistic. Every weapon now also has attachment slots enabled meaning every gun can attach at least one attachment. There are currently 5 attachment classes, the barrel class which can attach either a suppressor, barrel extender or flash hider. The tactical class which can attach either a tactical light, tactical laser or rangefinder. The grip class which can attach either a vertical grip or bipod. The sight class which can attach a 2x zoom-enabled scope and finally the stock class which can attach a tactical stock. Each weapon has appropriate attachment rules such as not being able to put a bipod on a pistol or suppress a high powered shotgun. A weapon can have a maximum of 5 possible attachment slots and a minimum of 1, obviously excluding melee weapons which have no attachment slots. The attachment screen can be activated by pressing 'Y' in-game at any time. Moving on to the main feature of the update, after some long nights and many lines of code I have managed to finally link the online account system which we currently have in place on the website to the game itself. This huge breakthrough means that by registering an account here on the official site you can now login to it in-game and start customising your personal character along with tracking stats and engaging in online activity with other players who have also registered an account. This is going to bring about a massive change to the game making it no longer offline play only. As of v0.5 upon launching the game you will be prompted with a login screen waiting for your input. If you haven't already made an account I would highly suggest you do so, it only takes 30 seconds of your time and you can benefit hugely in-game by having one, you can also join the community of players surrounding the game and receive some cool perks too. For those that don't have an account or for whatever reason cannot create one, the option to play single player offline is still there as it always has been however you will be warned that you are not logged in and no stats are being recorded. That brings me to the next major update feature, cosmetics and a personal account inventory. If you are unsure as to what this is, let me tell you, you're going to like it. This feature is only available to players who login with an account in-game and is called the personal inventory. This is different to your inventory when surviving in the actual game, this inventory persists online and is directly linked to your account only. It consists of 20 slots which can hold cosmetic items for your character. These cosmetics consist of skins for clothing, weaponry and even entire characters. Although this may sound very confusing and strange the idea is simple, every time you play the game you have a chance of receiving a Pre-alpha Loot Box. What in the world is that you might ask? It is a virtual crate containing one of ten cosmetic items each ranging in rarity from common to godly. When you receive a loot box, what is inside is already determined however you must unbox it yourself to reveal it and add it to your inventory. Doing so will consume the box and replace it with the item you unboxed. This item can then be viewed in your personal inventory from the main menu screen via the Inventory button. You can then select it and click inspect of delete. By inspecting the item you can see how it looks and how it will look on your character in-game. If you don't like the look of the item you can always delete it and free up an inventory slot for something else if you're lucky enough to receive another loot box. Any cosmetics you have in your inventory will automatically be equipped and displayed on your character only in-game for everyone else to see. Currently there are 10 items that can be unboxed and used in-game, this number is obviously expected to increase in the near future once any issues surrounding the inventory system are detected and fixed. Oh one other thing, the Pre-alpha Loot Boxes are only available while the game is in the pre-alpha stage, meaning that these items will never be available again once the game reaches alpha. So make sure you save any items you get as they will be quite rare. For now that is all from me, the release date for v0.5 is still yet to be confirmed however I'm aiming for a late September early November release at this stage. Any changes to that will of course be posted here on the official site. Thanks to all the guys in the Discord server providing support for the game and myself. I hope to see you all in-game soon! -Danstarr13

v0.2 Lighting Upgrade

After the successful official release of v0.1 on the site in late April, development has since been heavily underway for v0.2 to be a closely following patch/pretty big update in mid May. An overwhelming amount of bugs were reported which was actually fantastic as it assisted me greatly in the debugging process and ultimately will lead to a better game for you guys to play. Of the 53 bugs that reported by various players, all of them have been solved for the v0.2 patch which is amazing! Along with the fixes, I found myself with some spare time which has allowed me to work on some additions in v0.2 also! Some notable ones include 2 new items, the Snorkel (ID 149) and the Diving Tank (ID 150) which will allow for extended underwater exploration and even base construction. The whole lighting system has been revamped and some spiffy new visual FX have been added including sunshafts, emissive glow, TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) 6x, lens flare and camera motion smoothing just to mention a few. I've provided some pretty sweet screenshots below for you to get a taste of how the new lighting mechanics are working (bearing in mind these were taken while in-game with maximum gfx settings). Anyway, thanks for the continued support and stay tuned for a monster update coming mid May.

First light in the morning. Notice the softening of the light on the landscape.

Around mid-morning when the sun has risen slightly. Note the sunshafts and emissive glow.

Just after nightfall the moon utilises emissive glow and some slight sunshafts.

Brand New Logo

Thanks to the growing community we have gotten together on the Discord server, multiple pieces of great artwork for the game have come through, one particular piece by ThinkTank is showcased below. He has made a fantastic new logo for the game which will be put into use in the v0.2 patch. I'd like to reiterate the fact that any and all artwork for the game is more than welcome and I am greatly appreciative of anyone who is willing to take the time to make it. Feel free to submit any art for the game or models, textures and anything else you have made and your piece(s) might just get featured in the game! Thanks again to ThinkTank for making this awesome new game logo.

User Registration

After a few months of intense development in late 2016 I'm happy to announce that the user registration system is finally ready to use! By registering with the site you can not only show your support for me as an indie developer but also gain special membership perks and the ability to vote for new content to be added to the game! To register now, just click the login/register button in the top right of your screen!

The Developer

Hey everyone, you probably don't know who I am so here you go. I go by the screen name of Danstarr13, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I started getting into game design in 2014 and am now the sole developer for The Parallax Effect (in other words I'm an indie dev). I have made this website to showcase how it looks so far and what is currently being done in terms of development (bearing in mind the game is in the very early stages of pre-alpha). Have a look around and check everything out to see if you like it. There will always be a download for the latest version of the game for both Windows and Mac on the downloads page. Anyway, thanks for visiting my website, and be sure to share it to anyone you know who might be interested in my game to help spread the word, I'd really appreciate it!

Powered By Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)

The Parallax Effect was chosen to be developed using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). It has proven to be an excellent choice for the game and should hopefully continue to be. So far development is looking fantastic! At the moment you can expect fortnightly updates after the initial few releases. Keep checking the website for frequent development updates and news that I will post above as often as possible. The latest development blog is always on the front page of the site (this page) right up the top! You can even click the back to top button below if you're too lazy to scroll up because who has time for that these days.

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