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Everything about whats in the game and what will be in the game can be found out here along with pretty much everything about the game in general! I'm glad you found my website, so put it in your favourites and remember to check back here regularly for updates every week!

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Latest Dev Update

May 17th (v0.2 Release News!)

It's been almost exactly 1 month since the successful release of v0.1. I am glad to announce that v0.2 will be available on May 22nd for direct download on both Windows and for the first time Mac as well. The response from the first release was extremely promising and big thanks to everyone who helped with the debugging process by reporting in-game bugs. It would have been 100 times harder for me to find them all myself, so thanks for that. Overall 53 bugs were reported and confirmed from the debugging of v0.1 and have since all been fixed and patched into v0.2. Every single one. This is not going to mean there will be no bugs in v0.2, I am actually expecting even more to appear from the new content that has been added. So please don't stop reporting any bugs you come across as it is greatly appreciated and really helps me out more than you think. Big thanks go out to ThinkTank who has made an awesome new logo for the game which will be featured as of v0.2. I would also like to encourage anyone who has any skill in either texturing, 3D modelling or animation to feel free to submit any work they would like to have featured in the game. If it suits the art style of the game then it will most likely feature somewhere. Contact me for any further enquiries about this. You can view the full changelog on the Discord buglist text channel or the official Trello page. Some notable additions to v0.2 include the addition of some new items, 30 new crafting recipes allowing for the first base buildables to be in-game along with some placeable storage units and tools including campfires, bedrolls and barbed wire which can be used to reinforce your home from thieves. v0.2 will also be introducing utilities such as glue, duct tape, nails, bolts, metal sheets and cloth which you will need to use to craft several more advanced items. Current base buildables include floors, doorways, pillars, roofs, walls, windows and doors. These can currently be crafted as only Oak buildables however there are also Pine and Walnut materials planned to be added soon along with Aluminium. Aiming in on gun sights has been fixed which now allows for far easier weapon handling. The ability to prone has also been added which allows for some stealthy PVP action, however don't worry server admins can still set their server to either PVP or PVE based on how they want combat to be. You can now kill each other. Hooray! When you successfully hit a player a green hitmarker will appear around your crosshair indicating the hit was successful. The opposing player will then take an amount of damage depending on the power of your weapon and a spiffy blood effect will spray outwards from the point of impact from the bullet and leave some marks on the ground. The lighting build has also received a fantastic new overhaul with some neat additions including sun/moon lightshafts and emissive glow. Although this will require some increased processing power for those that can handle it, it's definitely worth it. Don't worry though as the ability to disable the new graphical features is still available for those with a less powerful rig. On that note, graphics settings also now save along with a new save system for players' inventories. Please be aware that the current 'sync' system makes your singleplayer inventory persistent when on a server and vice versa. Lose an item online and you will also lose it in your singleplayer world. This makes for some interesting gameplay forcing you to carry in your inventory from single player and survive with it. Soon there will also be an option to disable the inventory sync when server-side individual player data saving is added. Players will now drop their items upon death which will be lootable by anyone. The Reaper has also received some smarter upgrades including a new special ability which you can find out about yourself. I've also upgraded the game to use Unreal Engine to v4.15.2 which is the latest public stable version. That pretty much wraps it up for this update, thanks again for everyones continued support and I hope to see you in-game soon!

v0.2 Lighting Upgrade

After the successful official release of v0.1 on the site in late April, development has since been heavily underway for v0.2 to be a closely following patch/pretty big update in mid May. An overwhelming amount of bugs were reported which was actually fantastic as it assisted me greatly in the debugging process and ultimately will lead to a better game for you guys to play. Of the 53 bugs that reported by various players, all of them have been solved for the v0.2 patch which is amazing! Along with the fixes, I found myself with some spare time which has allowed me to work on some additions in v0.2 also! Some notable ones include 2 new items, the Snorkel (ID 149) and the Diving Tank (ID 150) which will allow for extended underwater exploration and even base construction. The whole lighting system has been revamped and some spiffy new visual FX have been added including sunshafts, emissive glow, TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) 6x, lens flare and camera motion smoothing just to mention a few. I've provided some pretty sweet screenshots below for you to get a taste of how the new lighting mechanics are working (bearing in mind these were taken while in-game with maximum gfx settings). Anyway, thanks for the continued support and stay tuned for a monster update coming mid May.

First light in the morning. Notice the softening of the light on the landscape.

Around mid-morning when the sun has risen slightly. Note the sunshafts and emissive glow.

Just after nightfall the moon utilises emissive glow and some slight sunshafts.

Brand New Logo

Thanks to the growing community we have gotten together on the Discord server, multiple pieces of great artwork for the game have come through, one particular piece by ThinkTank is showcased below. He has made a fantastic new logo for the game which will be put into use in the v0.2 patch. I'd like to reiterate the fact that any and all artwork for the game is more than welcome and I am greatly appreciative of anyone who is willing to take the time to make it. Feel free to submit any art for the game or models, textures and anything else you have made and your piece(s) might just get featured in the game! Thanks again to ThinkTank for making this awesome new game logo.

User Registration

After a few months of intense development in late 2016 I'm happy to announce that the user registration system is finally ready to use! By registering with the site you can not only show your support for me as an indie developer but also gain special membership perks and the ability to vote for new content to be added to the game! To register now, just click the login/register button in the top right of your screen!

The Developer

Hey everyone, you probably don't know who I am so here you go. I go by the screen name of Danstarr13, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I started getting into game design in 2014 and am now the sole developer for The Parallax Effect (in other words I'm an indie dev). I have made this website to showcase how it looks so far and what is currently being done with it (bearing in mind the game is in the very early stages of pre-alpha). Have a look around and check everything out to see if you like it. There will be a download for the latest version of the game always available on the downloads page of my website after the initial release of v0.1. Anyway, thanks for visiting my website, and be sure to share it to everyone you know who is (or might be) interested in open-world survival gaming to help spread the word, I'd really appreciate it!

Powered By Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)

The Parallax Effect was chosen to be developed using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). It has proven to be an excellent choice for the game and should hopefully continue to be. I am the sole developer of The Parallax Effect and so far development is looking fantastic! At the moment you can expect fortnightly updates after the initial few releases. Keep checking the website for frequent development updates and news each week that I will post above. The latest development blog is always on the front page of the site (this page) right up the top!

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