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Latest Dev Update

v0.7.4.0 Bugfix Update #33

Greetings survivors,

This weeks update is mainly bugfixes with a couple new changes. Most notably, AI survivors now have a chance to behave hostile towards players. Airdrops now completely randomise their loot drawing always 10 items however these items can be anything ranging from simple food to weaponry and ammunition.

Some major bugs have been fixed including the infamous duplicate item highlighting bug which no longer exists. Ammo bags now correctly randomise bullet counts in spawned magazines and the pickup animation is now played based on the height of the item being picked up. For example, if the item you are picking up is on the ground your character will bend down all the way to reach it, whereas if the item is at shoulder height he will reach out and grab it.

We are now at 91/93 bugs fixed from the community bug report list which is fantastic. It has taken a long time to reach this point but I'd like to thank everyone who reported even just 1 bug. You have helped improve the game for others by doing so. I would also like to encourage everyone to continue reporting anything suspicious they find as there are bound to be more problems along the way.

What's new?

- Fixed a bug causing ammunition to display when a melee weapon was equipped

- Changed pickup animation to extend players arm at different heights based on the height of the object being picked up

- Fixed a bug causing gold pendants to never spawn inside lootable storage units

- Completely randomised airdrop contents

- Updated enemy human AI behaviour to now have a chance to appear hostile towards players (so watch out!)

- Fixed a bug causing trees and rocks to disappear when hit and produce no resources

- Fixed a bug causing item outlines not to disappear when an item is highlighted while another is already highlighted

- Fixed a bug causing magazines from ammo bags to always spawn with no bullets

- Fixed a bug causing collision issues with Cranston Observatory

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The Developer

Hey everyone, you probably don't know who I am so here you go. I go by the screen name of Danstarr13, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I started getting into game design in 2014 and am the sole developer for my game "The Parallax Effect" (in other words I'm an indie dev). I have made this website to showcase how it looks so far and what is currently being done in terms of development (bearing in mind the game is in the very early stages of pre-alpha). Feel free to have a look around and check everything out. The game is now downloadable on Steam for Windows and I hope to have a Mac version available soon. Anyway, thanks for visiting my website, and be sure to share it to anyone you know who might be interested to help spread the word, I'd really appreciate it!

Powered By Unreal Engine 4

The Parallax Effect was chosen to be developed using Unreal Engine 4. It has proven to be an excellent choice for the game and should hopefully continue to be. So far development is looking great! At the moment you can expect fortnightly updates following the initial v0.0.1 release. Keep checking the website for frequent development updates and news that I will post above as often as possible. The latest development blog is always on the front page of the site (this page) right up the top! You can even click the back to top button below if you're too lazy to scroll.

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